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Nova Color Artists' Acrylic Paints are made with a top grade pure acrylic binder and is heavily saturated with the best pigments available. Nova Color Artists' Acrylic Paint is strong and brilliant.

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No. Color Name Lightfastness*   Size Price Qty Add


107Hansa Yellow Light-4 oz||Transparent4 fluid ounces5.50
107Hansa Yellow Light-Pint||TransparentPint/16 fl. oz12.25
107Hansa Yellow Light-Quart||TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.20.50
107Hansa Yellow Light-Gallon||TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.64.00
107Hansa Yellow Light-5 Gal Pail||Transparent5 Gallon Pail296.00

133Bismuth Yellow-4 oz|+Translucent4 fluid ounces6.75
133Bismuth Yellow-Pint|+TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz14.95
133Bismuth Yellow-Quart|+TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.25.50
133Bismuth Yellow-Gallon|+TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.80.00
133Bismuth Yellow-5 Gal Pail|+Translucent5 Gallon Pail370.00

123Cadmium Yellow Light-4 oz| **Opaque4 fluid ounces6.95
123Cadmium Yellow Light-Pint| **OpaquePint/16 fl. oz15.50
123Cadmium Yellow Light-Quart| **OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.26.50
123Cadmium Yellow Light-Gallon| **OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.83.00
123Cadmium Yellow Light-5 Gal Pail| **Opaque5 Gallon Pail384.00

178Arylide Yellow (PY 194) 4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces8.25
178Arylide Yellow (PY 194) Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz19.95
178Arylide Yellow (PY 194) Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.34.50
178Arylide Yellow (PY 194) Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.107.00
178Arylide Yellow (PY 194) 5 Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail495.00

144Azo Yellow Medium-4 oz|Transparent4 fluid ounces5.95
144Azo Yellow Medium-Pint|TransparentPint/16 fl. oz12.95
144Azo Yellow Medium-Quart|TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.00
144Azo Yellow Medium-Gallon|TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.69.00
144Azo Yellow Medium-5 Gal Pail|Transparent5 Gallon Pail320.00

102Cadmium Yellow Medium-4 oz| **Opaque4 fluid ounces6.95
102Cadmium Yellow Medium-Pint| **OpaquePint/16 fl. oz15.50
102Cadmium Yellow Medium-Quart| **OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.26.50
102Cadmium Yellow Medium-Gallon| **OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.82.00
102Cadmium Yellow Medium- 5 Gal Pail| **Opaque5 Gallon Pail380.00

106Indian Yellow (Azo)-4oz|Transparent4 fluid ounces4.95
106Indian Yellow (Azo)-Pint|TransparentPint/16 fl. oz11.00
106Indian Yellow (Azo)-Quart|TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.18.00
106Indian Yellow (Azo)-Gallon|TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.56.00
106Indian Yellow (Azo)-5 Gal Pail|Transparent5 Gallon Pail260.00


124Cadmium Orange-4 oz| **Opaque4 fluid ounces8.25
124Cadmium Orange-Pint| **OpaquePint/16 fl. oz19.75
124Cadmium Orange-Quart| **OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.34.25
124Cadmium Orange-Gallon| **OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.105.00
124Cadmium Orange-5 Gal Pail| **Opaque5 Gallon Pail486.00

146Cadmium Orange Deep-4 oz| **Opaque4 fluid ounces8.95
146Cadmium Orange Deep-Pint| **OpaquePint/16 fl. oz20.50
146Cadmium Orange Deep-Quart| **OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.35.25
146Cadmium Orange Deep-Gallon| **OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.110.00
146Cadmium Orange Deep-5 Gal Pail| **Opaque5 Gallon Pail509.00

110Organic Pyrrole Orange-4 oz|+Translucent4 fluid ounces9.25
110Organic Pyrrole Orange-Pint|+TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz21.50
110Organic Pyrrole Orange-Quart|+TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.37.00
110Organic Pyrrole Orange-Gallon|+TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.115.00
110Organic Pyrrole Orange-5 Gal Pail|+Translucent5 Gallon Pail533.00


145Cadmium Red Light-4 oz| **Opaque4 fluid ounces9.50
145Cadmium Red Light-Pint| **OpaquePint/16 fl. oz24.25
145Cadmium Red Light-Quart| **OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.42.50
145Cadmium Red Light-Gallon| **OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.132.00
145Cadmium Red Light-5 Gal Pail| **Opaque5 Gallon Pail611.00

125Cadmium Red Medium-4 oz| **Opaque4 fluid ounces9.50
125Cadmium Red Medium-Pint| **OpaquePint/16 fl. oz24.25
125Cadmium Red Medium-Quart| **OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.42.50
125Cadmium Red Medium-Gallon| **OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.132.00
125Cadmium Red Medium-5 Gal Pail| **Opaque5 Gallon Pail611.00

171Naphthol Crimson-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces4.95
171Naphthol Crimson-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz11.25
171Naphthol Crimson-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.19.00
171Naphthol Crimson-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.59.00
171Naphthol Crimson-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail273.00

187Pyrrole Red-4 oz|+Translucent4 fluid ounces6.25
187Pyrrole Red-Pint|+TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz14.25
187Pyrrole Red-Quart|+TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.25.00
187Pyrrole Red-Gallon|+TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.76.00
187Pyrrole Red-5 Gal Pail|+Translucent5 Gallon Pail352.00

129Quinacridone Red-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces8.25
129Quinacridone Red-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz18.95
129Quinacridone Red-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.32.50
129Quinacridone Red-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.95.00
129Quinacridone Red-5 Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail440.00

132Cadmium Red Deep-4 oz| **Opaque4 fluid ounces10.25
132Cadmium Red Deep-Pint| **OpaquePint/16 fl. oz26.75
132Cadmium Red Deep-Quart| **OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.46.00
132Cadmium Red Deep-Gallon| **OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.143.00
132Cadmium Red Deep-5 Gal Pail| **Opaque5 Gallon Pail662.00

114Alizarin Crimson Hue-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces7.75
114Alizarin Crimson Hue-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz17.50
114Alizarin Crimson Hue-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.30.00
114Alizarin Crimson Hue-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.94.00
114Alizarin Crimson Hue-5 Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail435.00

Magenta, Purple, Violet, Pink

147Quinacridone Magenta-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces8.25
147Quinacridone Magenta-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz19.25
147Quinacridone Magenta-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.32.95
147Quinacridone Magenta-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.96.00
147Quinacridone Magenta-5 Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail444.00

126Quinacridone Purple-4 oz|Transparent4 fluid ounces6.25
126Quinacridone Purple-Pint|TransparentPint/16 fl. oz13.95
126Quinacridone Purple-Quart|TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.24.00
126Quinacridone Purple-Gallon|TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.75.00
126Quinacridone Purple-5 Gal Pail|Transparent5 Gallon Pail347.00

181Quinacridone Violet-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces8.25
181Quinacridone Violet-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz19.50
181Quinacridone Violet-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.33.75
181Quinacridone Violet-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.104.00
181Quinacridone Violet-5-Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail482.00

150Peach Tone-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces4.50
150Peach Tone-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz9.50
150Peach Tone-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.16.25
150Peach Tone-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.51.00
150Peach Tone-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail236.00

136Hot Pink-4 oz||Opaque4 fluid ounces3.95
136Hot Pink-Pint||OpaquePint/16 fl. oz8.95
136Hot Pink-Quart||OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.15.00
136Hot Pink-Gallon||OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.48.00
136Hot Pink-5 Gallon Pail||Opaque5 Gallon Pail222.00

186Medium Violet/Purple-4 oz||Opaque4 fluid ounces4.95
186Medium Violet/Purple-Pint||OpaquePint/16 fl. oz11.00
186Medium Violet/Purple-Quart||OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.18.00
186Medium Violet/Purple-Gallon||OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.56.00
186Medium Violet/Purple-5 Gal Pail||Opaque5 Gallon Pail260.00

103Carbazole Dioxazine Violet-4 oz||Transparent4 fluid ounces8.25
103Carbazole Dioxazine Violet-Pint||TransparentPint/16 fl. oz19.25
103Carbazole Dioxazine Violet-Quart||TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.32.95
103Carbazole Dioxazine Violet-Gallon||TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.98.00
103Carbazole Dioxazine Violet-5 Gal Pail||Transparent5 Gallon Pail454.00


176Indanthrone Blue-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces9.50
176Indanthrone Blue-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz24.25
176Indanthrone Blue-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.42.00
176Indanthrone Blue-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.129.00
176Indanthrone Blue-5 Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail597.00

122Ultramarine Blue-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces4.25
122Ultramarine Blue-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz9.25
122Ultramarine Blue-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.15.50
122Ultramarine Blue-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.48.00
122Ultramarine Blue-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail222.00

115Phthalo Blue (red shade)-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces4.95
115Phthalo Blue (red shade)-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz11.00
115Phthalo Blue (red shade)-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.18.25
115Phthalo Blue (red shade)-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.57.00
115Phthalo Blue (red shade)-5 Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail264.00

115DPhthalo Blue Deep (green shade)-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces4.95
115DPhthalo Blue Deep (green shade)-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz11.00
115DPhthalo Blue Deep (green shade)-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.18.25
115DPhthalo Blue Deep (green shade)-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.57.00
115DPhthalo Blue Deep (green shade)-5 Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail264.00

105Cobalt Blue-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces15.00
105Cobalt Blue-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz34.95
105Cobalt Blue-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.60.25
105Cobalt Blue-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.187.00
105Cobalt Blue-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail866.00

127Cerulean Blue Hue-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces4.95
127Cerulean Blue Hue-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz10.50
127Cerulean Blue Hue-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.17.75
127Cerulean Blue Hue-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.55.00
127Cerulean Blue Hue-5 Gallon Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail255.00

135Phthalo Turquoise-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces3.95
135Phthalo Turquoise-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz7.95
135Phthalo Turquoise-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.13.50
135Phthalo Turquoise-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.41.00
135Phthalo Turquoise-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail190.00


142Blue Green-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces3.95
142Blue Green-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz7.95
142Blue Green-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.13.75
142Blue Green-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.43.00
142Blue Green-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail199.00

104Chromium Oxide Green-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces5.95
104Chromium Oxide Green-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz13.50
104Chromium Oxide Green-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.22.75
104Chromium Oxide Green-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.71.00
104Chromium Oxide Green-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail329.00

182Medium Green-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces4.95
182Medium Green-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz11.00
182Medium Green-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.18.75
182Medium Green-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.58.00
182Medium Green-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail269.00

143Permanent Green Light-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces6.75
143Permanent Green Light-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz14.95
143Permanent Green Light-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.25.50
143Permanent Green Light-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.79.00
143Permanent Green Light-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail366.00

120Yellow Green-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces6.75
120Yellow Green-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz15.25
120Yellow Green-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.26.00
120Yellow Green-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.81.00
120Yellow Green-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail375.00

184Deep Green-4 oz|+Translucent4 fluid ounces6.75
184Deep Green-Pint|+TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz14.95
184Deep Green-Quart|+TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.25.50
184Deep Green-Gallon|+TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.77.00
184Deep Green-5 Gallon Pail|+Translucent5 Gallon Pail357.00

116Phthalo Green-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces4.95
116Phthalo Green-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz11.00
116Phthalo Green-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.18.25
116Phthalo Green-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.57.00
116Phthalo Green-5 Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail264.00

177Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces6.50
177Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz14.75
177Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.25.00
177Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.76.00
177Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)-5 Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail352.00

White, Black, Gray

118Titanium White-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces4.25
118Titanium White-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz9.50
118Titanium White-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.16.25
118Titanium White-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.49.00
118Titanium White-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail227.00

134Raw Titanium Matte-4 oz|+Translucent4 fluid ounces3.95
134Raw Titanium Matte-Pint|+TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz7.50
134Raw Titanium Matte-Quart|+TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.12.75
134Raw Titanium Matte-Gallon|+TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.39.00
134Raw Titanium Matte - 5 Gal Pail|+Translucent5 Gallon Pail181.00

183Bone/Ivory Black-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces3.95
183Bone/Ivory Black-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz8.25
183Bone/Ivory Black-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.14.25
183Bone/Ivory Black-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.44.00
183Bone/Ivory Black-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail204.00

108Iron Oxide/Mars Black-4oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces4.50
108Iron Oxide/Mars Black-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz9.50
108Iron Oxide/Mars Black-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.16.25
108Iron Oxide/Mars Black-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.50.00
108Iron Oxide/Mars Black-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail232.00

109Carbon Black-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces3.95
109Carbon Black-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz7.95
109Carbon Black-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.13.50
109Carbon Black-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.42.00
109Carbon Black-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail195.00

174Neutral Gray 5-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces3.95
174Neutral Gray 5-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz7.95
174Neutral Gray 5-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.13.50
174Neutral Gray 5-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.42.00
174Neutral Gray 5-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail195.00

140Payne's Gray-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces5.95
140Payne's Gray-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz13.75
140Payne's Gray-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.23.50
140Payne's Gray-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.71.00
140Payne's Gray-5 Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail329.00

Earthtones, Oxides, Brown

121Yellow Ochre/Iron Oxide-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces4.50
121Yellow Ochre/Iron Oxide-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz9.50
121Yellow Ochre/Iron Oxide-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.16.25
121Yellow Ochre/Iron Oxide-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.51.00
121Yellow Ochre/Iron Oxide-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail236.00

175Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces7.25
175Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz17.25
175Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.29.50
175Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.88.00
175Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide-5-Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail407.00

128Raw Sienna-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces4.50
128Raw Sienna-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz9.50
128Raw Sienna-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.16.25
128Raw Sienna-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.51.00
128Raw Sienna-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail236.00

117Raw Umber-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces4.50
117Raw Umber-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz9.50
117Raw Umber-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.16.50
117Raw Umber-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.52.00
117Raw Umber-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail241.00

117DRaw Umber Dark-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces4.50
117DRaw Umber Dark-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz9.50
117DRaw Umber Dark-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.16.25
117DRaw Umber Dark-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.51.00
117DRaw Umber Dark-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail236.00

101Burnt Umber-4oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces4.25
101Burnt Umber-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz9.25
101Burnt Umber-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.15.75
101Burnt Umber-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.49.00
101Burnt Umber-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail227.00

100Burnt Sienna-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces4.50
100Burnt Sienna-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz9.50
100Burnt Sienna-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.16.25
100Burnt Sienna-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.50.00
100Burnt Sienna-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail232.00

119Venetian/Iron Oxide Red-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces5.50
119Venetian/Iron Oxide Red-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz12.50
119Venetian/Iron Oxide Red-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.21.50
119Venetian/Iron Oxide Red-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.67.00
119Venetian/Iron Oxide Red-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail310.00

141Mars/Iron Oxide Violet-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces4.95
141Mars/Iron Oxide Violet-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz11.00
141Mars/Iron Oxide Violet-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.18.00
141Mars/Iron Oxide Violet-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.56.00
141Mars/Iron Oxide Violet-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail260.00

149Transparent Red Iron Oxide-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces8.25
149Transparent Red Iron Oxide-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz19.25
149Transparent Red Iron Oxide-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.32.95
149Transparent Red Iron Oxide-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.97.00
149Transparent Red Iron Oxide-5 Gal Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail449.00

White Iridescent Pearl

180Iridescent Base & Glaze-4 oz|+Transparent4 fluid ounces5.95
180Iridescent Base & Glaze-Pint|+TransparentPint/16 fl. oz13.25
180Iridescent Base & Glaze-Quart|+TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.50
180Iridescent Base & Glaze-Gallon|+TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.70.00
180Iridescent Base & Glaze-5-Gallon Pail|+Transparent5 Gallon Pail324.00

130Nacreous White (pearl)-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces4.25
130Nacreous White (pearl)-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz9.25
130Nacreous White (pearl)-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.15.75
130Nacreous White (pearl)-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.49.00
130Nacreous White (pearl)-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail227.00

166Sparkling Pearl-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces4.95
166Sparkling Pearl-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz11.00
166Sparkling Pearl-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.18.25
166Sparkling Pearl-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.57.00
166Sparkling Pearl-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail264.00

139Super Pearl White-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces5.95
139Super Pearl White-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz13.25
139Super Pearl White-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.22.50
139Super Pearl White-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.70.00
139Super Pearl White-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail324.00

Silver Iridescent Pearl & Metallic

137Silver (pearl)-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces5.95
137Silver (pearl)-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz12.95
137Silver (pearl)-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.22.50
137Silver (pearl)-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.69.00
137Silver (pearl)-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail320.00

152Stainless Steel (fine)-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces8.25
152Stainless Steel (fine)-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz19.95
152Stainless Steel (fine)-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.34.50
152Stainless Steel (fine)-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.107.00
152Stainless Steel (fine)-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail495.00

156Antique Silver-4oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces4.25
156Antique Silver-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz9.25
156Antique Silver-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.15.75
156Antique Silver-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.49.00
156Antique Silver-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail227.00

Gold Iridescent & Metallic

148Super Pearl Gold-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces9.50
148Super Pearl Gold-Pint |+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz24.25
148Super Pearl Gold-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.39.00
148Super Pearl Gold-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.120.00
148Super Pearl Gold-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail555.00

173Brass Pearl-4oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces5.95
173Brass Pearl-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz12.95
173Brass Pearl-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.00
173Brass Pearl-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.69.00
173Brass Pearl-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail320.00

160Yellow Gold (pearl)-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces4.95
160Yellow Gold (pearl)-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz11.25
160Yellow Gold (pearl)-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.19.25
160Yellow Gold (pearl)-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.60.00
160Yellow Gold (pearl)-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail278.00

185Sun Gold-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces5.50
185Sun Gold-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz12.50
185Sun Gold-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.21.50
185Sun Gold-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.67.00
185Sun Gold-5 gallon Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail310.00

151Royal Gold (pearl)-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces5.50
151Royal Gold (pearl)-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz12.25
151Royal Gold (pearl)-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.20.25
151Royal Gold (pearl)-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.63.00
151Royal Gold (pearl)-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail292.00

138Gold (pearl)-4 oz|+Opaque4 fluid ounces4.95
138Gold (pearl)-Pint|+OpaquePint/16 fl. oz11.25
138Gold (pearl)-Quart|+OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.18.75
138Gold (pearl)-Gallon|+OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.58.00
138Gold (pearl)-5 Gal Pail|+Opaque5 Gallon Pail269.00

159Antique Gold-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces4.25
159Antique Gold-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz9.25
159Antique Gold-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.15.75
159Antique Gold-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.49.00
159Antique Gold-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail227.00

Bronze & Copper Iridescent

155Golden Bronze (pearl)-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces5.95
155Golden Bronze (pearl)-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz12.95
155Golden Bronze (pearl)-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.21.75
155Golden Bronze (pearl)-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.68.00
155Golden Bronze (pearl)-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail315.00

154Red Copper (pearl)-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces5.50
154Red Copper (pearl)-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz12.25
154Red Copper (pearl)-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.21.00
154Red Copper (pearl)-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.66.00
154Red Copper (pearl)-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail306.00

158Antique Copper-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces6.25
158Antique Copper-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz13.95
158Antique Copper-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.24.00
158Antique Copper-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.75.00
158Antique Copper-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail347.00

Interference Pearl

153Iridescent Pearl Red-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces5.95
153Iridescent Pearl Red-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz13.25
153Iridescent Pearl Red-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.50
153Iridescent Pearl Red-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.70.00
153Iridescent Pearl Red-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail324.00

167Orange Pearl-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces6.95
167Orange Pearl-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz15.95
167Orange Pearl-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.27.50
167Orange Pearl-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.86.00
167Orange Pearl-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail398.00

164Yellow Pearl-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces5.95
164Yellow Pearl-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz13.25
164Yellow Pearl-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.50
164Yellow Pearl-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.70.00
164Yellow Pearl-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail324.00

165Blue Pearl-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces5.95
165Blue Pearl-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz13.25
165Blue Pearl-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.50
165Blue Pearl-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.70.00
165Blue Pearl-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail324.00

169Lilac Pearl-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces5.95
169Lilac Pearl-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz13.25
169Lilac Pearl-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.50
169Lilac Pearl-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.70.00
169Lilac Pearl-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail324.00

163Green Pearl-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces5.95
163Green Pearl-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz13.25
163Green Pearl-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.50
163Green Pearl-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.70.00
163Green Pearl-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail324.00

Iridescent Pearl Colors

161Emerald (pearl)-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces4.50
161Emerald (pearl)-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz9.50
161Emerald (pearl)-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.16.50
161Emerald (pearl)-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.52.00
161Emerald (pearl)-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail241.00

168Turquoise Pearl-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces5.95
168Turquoise Pearl-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz13.25
168Turquoise Pearl-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.50
168Turquoise Pearl-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.70.00
168Turquoise Pearl-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail324.00

157Sapphire (pearl)-4 oz||Translucent4 fluid ounces5.95
157Sapphire (pearl)-Pint||TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz13.25
157Sapphire (pearl)-Quart||TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.50
157Sapphire (pearl)-Gallon||TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.70.00
157Sapphire (pearl)-5 Gal Pail||Translucent5 Gallon Pail324.00

162Ruby (pearl)-4 oz|Translucent4 fluid ounces5.95
162Ruby (pearl)-Pint|TranslucentPint/16 fl. oz13.50
162Ruby (pearl)-Quart|TranslucentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.75
162Ruby (pearl)-Gallon|TranslucentGallon/128 fl. oz.71.00
162Ruby (pearl)-5 Gal Pail|Translucent5 Gallon Pail329.00

172Black Pearl-4 oz|Opaque4 fluid ounces5.50
172Black Pearl-Pint|OpaquePint/16 fl. oz12.25
172Black Pearl-Quart|OpaqueQuart/32 fl. oz.21.00
172Black Pearl-Gallon|OpaqueGallon/128 fl. oz.65.00
172Black Pearl-5 Gal Pail|Opaque5 Gallon Pail301.00

Fluorescent / Blacklight

190Fluorescent Magenta-4 oz|||Transparent4 fluid ounces6.95
190Fluorescent Magenta-Pint|||TransparentPint/16 fl. oz15.95
190Fluorescent Magenta-Quart|||TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.27.50
190Fluorescent Magenta-Gallon|||TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.86.00
190Fluorescent Magenta-5 Gal Pail|||Transparent5 Gallon Pail398.00

191Fluorescent Pink-4 oz|||Transparent4 fluid ounces6.95
191Fluorescent Pink-Pint|||TransparentPint/16 fl. oz15.95
191Fluorescent Pink-Quart|||TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.27.50
191Fluorescent Pink-Gallon|||TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.86.00
191Fluorescent Pink-5 Gal Pail|||Transparent5 Gallon Pail398.00

193Fluorescent Red-4 oz|||Transparent4 fluid ounces7.25
193Fluorescent Red-Pint|||TransparentPint/16 fl. oz16.25
193Fluorescent Red-Quart|||TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.28.50
193Fluorescent Red-Gallon|||TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.88.00
193Fluorescent Red-5 Gal Pail|||Transparent5 Gallon Pail407.00

194Fluorescent Invisible Blue-4 oz|||Transparent4 fluid ounces5.95
194Fluorescent Invisible Blue-Pint|||TransparentPint/16 fl. oz13.25
194Fluorescent Invisible Blue-Quart|||TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.50
194Fluorescent Invisible Blue-Gallon|||TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.70.00
194Fluorescent Invisible Blue-5 Gal Pail|||Transparent5 Gallon Pail324.00

195Fluorescent Orange-4 oz|||Transparent4 fluid ounces7.50
195Fluorescent Orange-Pint|||TransparentPint/16 fl. oz17.25
195Fluorescent Orange-Quart|||TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.29.75
195Fluorescent Orange-Gallon|||TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.93.00
195Fluorescent Orange-5 Gallon Pail|||Transparent5 Gallon Pail431.00

197Fluorescent Yellow-4 oz|||Transparent4 fluid ounces7.50
197Fluorescent Yellow-Pint|||TransparentPint/16 fl. oz17.25
197Fluorescent Yellow-Quart|||TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.29.50
197Fluorescent Yellow-Gallon|||TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.92.00
197Fluorescent Yellow-5 Gal Pail|||Transparent5 Gallon Pail426.00

198Fluorescent Green-4 oz|||Transparent4 fluid ounces7.50
198Fluorescent Green-Pint|||TransparentPint/16 fl. oz17.25
198Fluorescent Green-Quart|||TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.29.50
198Fluorescent Green-Gallon|||TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.92.00
198Fluorescent Green-5 Gal Pail|||Transparent5 Gallon Pail426.00

199Fluorescent Blue-4 oz|||Transparent4 fluid ounces5.95
199Fluorescent Blue-Pint|||TransparentPint/16 fl. oz13.25
199Fluorescent Blue-Quart|||TransparentQuart/32 fl. oz.22.50
199Fluorescent Blue-Gallon|||TransparentGallon/128 fl. oz.70.00
199Fluorescent Blue-5 Gal Pail|||Transparent5 Gallon Pail324.00

Gessoes, Mediums, Gels & Varnishes

200GessoQuart/32 fl. oz.12.00
200GessoGallon/128 fl. oz.34.00
200Gesso5 Gallon Pail156.00
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201Black GessoPint/16 fl. oz8.00
201Black GessoQuart/32 fl. oz.13.50
201Black GessoGallon/128 fl. oz.38.00
201Black Gesso5 Gallon Pail175.00
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202Texture Paste-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.13.50
202Texture Paste-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.38.00
202Texture Paste-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail175.00
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218Tintable Texture Paste-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.12.00
218Tintable Texture Paste-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.34.00
218Tintable Texture Paste-5 Gallon Pail5 Gallon Pail157.00
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203Black Texture Paste-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.14.00
203Black Texture Paste-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.40.00
203Black Texture Paste-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail184.00
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204Matte Medium-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.10.00
204Matte Medium-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.30.00
204Matte Medium-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail138.00
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205Matte Varnish-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.10.50
205Matte Varnish-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.31.00
205Matte Varnish-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail143.00
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206Gloss Medium & Varnish-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.14.00
206Gloss Medium & Varnish-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.42.00
206Gloss Medium & Varnish-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail194.00
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207Nova Gel-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.14.50
207Nova Gel-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.41.00
207Nova Gel-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail188.00
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208Matte Gel-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.14.50
208Matte Gel-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.45.00
208Matte Gel-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail207.00
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209Super Gel-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.15.00
209Super Gel-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.43.00
209Super Gel-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail199.00
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213Flex Gel-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.12.00
213Flex Gel-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.35.00
213Flex Gel-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail161.00
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216Exterior Varnish-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.12.00
216Exterior Varnish-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.34.00
216Exterior Varnish-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail156.00
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217Slow Dry Matte Liquid-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.9.00
217Slow Dry Matte Liquid-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.25.00
217Slow Dry Matte Liquid-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail116.00
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233Novaplex 233-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.15.00
233Novaplex 233-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.48.00
233Novaplex 233-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail221.00
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235Novaplex 235-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.14.00
235Novaplex 235-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.42.00
235Novaplex 235-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail195.00
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250Coarse Lava Gel-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.13.50
250Coarse Lava Gel-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.39.00
250Coarse Lava Gel-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail180.00
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251Lightweight Texture Paste-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.14.00
251Lightweight Texture Paste-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.41.00
251Lightweight Texture Paste-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail189.00
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299Acrylic Retarder-4 oz4 fluid ounces4.00
299Acrylic Retarder-PintPint/16 fl. oz7.00
299Acrylic Retarder-QuartQuart/32 fl. oz.9.50
299Acrylic Retarder-GallonGallon/128 fl. oz.20.00
299Acrylic Retarder-5 Gal Pail5 Gallon Pail92.00
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Lightfastness rating according to the American Society for Testing and Materials D5098:
I=Excellent II=Very Good III=Does not conform to ASTM D5098.
Ratings are based on the color at full strength. Some colors will be less lightfast when used as a tint (mixed with white or other colors) or if used as a glaze (mixed with clear mediums).
* * Cadmium colors may fade in the presence of moisture or acid rain and are not recommended for exterior use.
+ Indicates color is top rated for exterior use.
Within the ASTM Lightfastness rating of I=Excellent there is a wide range.

See Nova Color Mural Painting Tips for suggested exterior color choices.
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