Our Customers believe Nova Color is the best acrylic paint for artists


Gonzalo Duran

Gonzalo Duran is Nova Color's long time artist on staff. He and fellow artist Cheri Pann work together at their 'Mosaic House' Studio in Venice, California.

Muralist Kent Twitchell

"I began using Nova Color paints over 20 years ago. Although I explored all of the other acrylic paints on the market, for me Nova Color is the ideal artist's acrylic. I recommend it often to other muralists around the country."

Philadelphia Mural Arts 

The Philadelphia Art Education programs target under-served youth at neighborhood sites throughout Philadelphia. Acrylic murals city wide.

John Pugh

Life-size trompe l'oeil illusion artist John Pugh has created a body of monumental works throughout the USA from Alaska to Hawaii using acrylic paint.

Betty Krause

Abstract artist Betty Krause creates bright, colorful, energetic original pieces and shares her skills with her many YouTube and Instagram followers.


Imagine a large “pack” of talented artists descending upon your town to paint the best murals you can imagine with images of local places, people, and products that have historic significance.

Art Mortimer

"I find Nova Color acrylics to be as good as or better than the best-known brands on the market, at a fraction of the cost."

George Yepes

This visionary acrylic painter has the telescopic eyes of a muralist, the fluid touch and intimate light of a classical master, the soul of a wetback, and the heart of a fighter.

Colleen Gnos

Shell Beach, California artist best known for her gold-scaled mermaids painted on surfboards and idyllic scenes of surfers and breaking waves.

Ed Massey

Cofounder of the art therapy program Portraits of Hope that creates large-scale art installations. Inventor of the “shoe brush” that enables artists to paint without the use of arms or hands.

Elias N Katsaros

Paints traditional Byzantine iconography in the 16th century Cretan style. His work can be found in churches all across the United States.

Leoma Lovegrove

Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens in Matlacha Island, Florida is a whimsical reflection of the artist/designer extraordinaire.


Other Exciting Customer Links:

When we started adding links it seemed like a good idea to include artwork. As our list of links grew we realized that to minimize waiting time for our visitors we should minimize artwork. This is no reflection on these great acrylic artist links.

The Carousel Works:
Individually hand crafted and hand painted custom wooden carousels that are a work of art made in the old world tradition. Traditional carousel horses and themes as well insects, reptiles and endangered species.

Joe Fay:
Joe Fay's acrylic on polyurethane reliefs and screens seem to have been composed as a direct challenge to every formalist critic who ever extolled the virtues of minimalism and conceptualism. Fay's works are deliberately eccentric and anti-intellectual.

International Acrylic Artist Wahid Nahle
"Nova Color gives me the inspiration I need to express my ideas."

Circle Painting:
Created by artist and teacher Hiep Nguyen, Circle Painting is collaborative, performance mural painting based on the circle theme. The Circle Painting's vision is to unite artists and non-artists together to create beautiful, meaningful artwork.

Lily Nava:
Sedona visionary artist expresses her love of art, play and adventure. A member of the global Fusionart Group.

Mural Environments:
A west coast-based collaborative of artists and craftspeople specializing in the design and execution of murals and specialty finishes.

Links to Art Organizations

Global Mural Arts & Cultural Tourism Association: The Global Mural Arts and Tourism Association is a group devoted to promoting a mutually beneficial working relationship between the arts, culture and commerce. http://www.globalartsandtourism.net/

California Public Art and Mural Society. A partnership of artists and communities dedicated to the revitalization of communities through public art. 

The Chemainus Festival of Murals Society:
Chemainus is beloved by visitors to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Visitors from all over the world travel Chemainus to enjoy this unique village with its rich historic past and its murals portraying "A Celebration of Canadian Heritage"